2021 TIF 徵件藝術家 097 LUITING

◆ 097. LUITING / FB: LUITING / IG: luiting.sasa.bennett


自創插畫角色: 莎莎和班奈兔,把他們畫進生活中,喜歡到處塗鴉,牆壁、皮膚、畫布、布料、黏土、電繪、陶土,擅長介面設計、向量繪圖,藝術的創造就像夏日的翡翠檸檬成為了必需品。

Self-created illustrator characters: Sa Sa & Bennett,. I draw them into real life, and I love to do graffiti everywhere, wall, skin, canvas, cloth, clay, electric painting and clay. Iam good at interface design, vector drawing. The creation of art for me is like the Emerald Lemons in summer, what became a necessity.